JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack: Cheap Large Backpacks

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack backpack

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack


If you want to get a cheap large backpack for college, you need to check out the JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack. This JanSport backpack series is similar to the JanSport Classic SuperBreak backpack, only it is quite a bit larger.

In fact, this student backpack has two large main compartments for those super-sized college textbooks. And it also has the front pocket, which you can use for things like your cell phone, a calculator, something to write with, your keys and maybe an iPod.

I love the color options with this backpack. In total, you can choose from over 35 different designs and colors. To see all the colors and patterns, click on the image below:

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack backpack colors

Lifetime Warranty

Like all other Jansport backpacks, this one has a lifetime warranty. So, if you get a hole in the bottom or rip a side or something like that – no worries. At any time, for any damage at all, you can send in your backpack to JanSport and have it replaced – at no cost to you! That makes this college backpack and excellent investment!

If you are worried about getting back or shoulder pain from carrying around all your books, you won’t have that problem with this backpack. In fact, it has some of those S-curve ergonomic shoulder straps. Straps like this are easier on your body because they make sure the weight in the pack gets evenly distributed.

How Many Textbooks Will Fit?

If you are a nursing student or just have a lot of textbooks, you may need a backpack that can hold all of those books. Watch this video review to see just how many textbooks this college student can fit into her backpack. You won’t believe how many books she gets in there!

Student reviews:

“Love the design…”

“…extremely durable and worth every penny I paid for it.”

“It’s been 12 years and I really can’t complain.”

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