Durable Laptop Backpack – JanSport Right Pack

JanSport Right Pack

Finding the right laptop backpack can sometimes be a challenge because they all seem to look the same for the most part. If you have done any shopping for a laptop backpack then you already know that most them are only available in black or gray with no real color options. Another characteristic that they all seem to have in common is that they are huge in size. I am not sure why the backpack makers think that if you want to carry around a laptop that you also need space for every other thing that you own.

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Fortunately, the JanSport Right Pack laptop backpack overcomes these characteristics to offer a refreshingly different choice amongst the sea of like backpacks.

JanSport Right Pack Features

As you can imagine, one of the best features of this cheap JanSport laptop backpack is that it can hold a 15″ laptop. It is also perfect for a table or iPad. Another obviously awesome feature is the low price, which is considerably lower than many of the other backpack options out there. And of course, it is large without being too big.

It has a main compartment as well as a smaller pocket for all the things that you might have a hard time finding in the main compartment. The smaller pocket is great for keys, cell phone and other small items.

The bottom of this backpack is made of durable suede, which means you do not need to worry about this backpack getting any stress tears in the bottom. And the rest is made from premium Cordura fabric for superior durability. Not that it matters, because you get the awesome JanSport lifetime warranty with this backpack.

Best Price: Where To Buy JanSport Right Pack

If you are interested in giving this backpack a try, you will not find it in any store. In fact, I had to shop online to buy my JanSport Right Pack.