Discount Unisex Laptop Backpack: High Sierra Access Backpack

High Sierra Access Backpack

If you are looking for a kickass college backpack that has plenty of room for all your books and gadgets – but has a decent price – then look no further than this backpack from High Sierra.

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Seriously. This is one awesome backpack because it has loads of room – including space for a 17-inch laptop – and it looks cool. You do not need to worry about only having one or two color choices with this pack. There are options for both guys and girls, making this unisex college backpack perfect for everyone!

And did I mention that it is on sale when you buy online? (see bottom)

High Sierra Access Backpack Features

One thing to know about this backpack is that it was designed with the college student in mind. They know that you need a lot of space for textbooks and that you likely will want to carry your laptop to class. They also made dedicated space for your iPhone and other gadgets.

Oh, and they know that you might get rained on when walking to and from class – so this backpack has a tuck-away rain cover! How freaking awesome is that?!? You won’t have to worry about your books and laptop getting wet when you get caught in the rain.

In addition to having tons of compartments for all your stuff, this backpack is also easy on your body. It features S-shaped shoulder straps with Vapel mesh Airflow padding to keep you pain free and sweat free when going back and forth across campus.

And – it has a lifetime warranty!

Best Price: Where To Buy High Sierra Access Backpack

When I was doing my comparison pricing, I did not find a single retail store that carried this backpack in stock. And when I looked online, I was finally able to buy it for myself!