Cool Girls Backpack: Fox Juniors Road Backpack

Girls who are looking for a cool backpack that is feminine without being too girly should check out the Fox Juniors Road Backpack.

This backpack is not a large backpack but you can definitely fit a few textbooks in it if you need to. The size is closer to that of a daypack. You can easily toss in a few books, notebooks, sneakers and other items.

You do not want to overload the backpack though because the straps are not padded. However, the back of the bag is padded, so you do not need to worry about anything in the back poking you in the back while you carry it.


The Fox Road Backpack for girls has one large main compartment in the back. In the front, there is a fairly good sized zippered pocket. This pocket is the perfect place for all the smaller things that you do not want to lose – like keys, cellphone, pens, money, and student ID card. There is even small pull-out takeaway pouch in this pocket to help you stay super organized.

On each side, you will find a mesh pocket. The pocket is open and does not have a drawstring or way to close it. However, the pockets are perfect for a water bottle or similar item.

This Fox backpack is very durable. It is made out of 100 percent polyester, which means that you can wash it in the washing machine if it get dirty. And the coolest thing about it is the design which has the Fox logo very large on both the front AND the back of the backpack.

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