Cool College Backpack: DC Stratford Skatepack Bag

buy DC Stratford Skatepack

The DC Stratford Skatepack Bag is one of the coolest college backpacks I’ve seen.

What I really love about this college backpack is that it actually has skate straps on it. So, you can attach your skateboard to it when you can’t be on the board.

Plus it comes in six different color and design options. The picture is the “heather grey” color. (see other colors here)

DC Stratford Skatepack Backpack Review

As mentioned, the skate straps make this backpack a real winner. Especially if you carry your skateboard with you on campus.

You’ll also find nice compartments on each side of the backpack. The compartments are zippered and too small to hold a water bottle. The zippered front pocket is pretty large though.

Plenty of room to hold your textbooks, but no place for a laptop. The back is just one big main compartment.

Best Price DC Stratford Skatepack Backpack

It can be hard to find DC shoes products like this in stores. I’ve the backpack in a few stores, but if you want to know where to buy your DC college backpack, you need to buy online. That is where I found the lowest price on DC Stratford Skatepack Backpack.

The retail price is $40. (check Amazon price now)

Buy DC Stratford Skatepack Backpack

If you are ready to buy the DC Stratford Skatepack Backpack, I suggest you to head on over to Amazon.

DC also makes other college backpacks. If you want to view the full line of DC college backpacks on Amazon, click HERE.

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