Compare College Backpacks: Best Wheeled Computer Backpack

If you are planning on carrying a laptop with you to class on campus, you will need a computer backpack for college.

You may be tempted to have a regular backpack and a separate laptop bag, but that is a mistake. You will have two bags to keep up with and your shoulders and back will hate you from all the pain you’ll be causing them.

What you need is a computer backpack for college. And an even better option is a wheeled computer backpack. You can even find a best rolling backpacks sale if you are on a budget.

#1 Top Choice Rolling Laptop Backpack for College

Without a doubt, the top rated wheeled computer backpack is the Samsonite Wheeled Computer Backpack.

best rolling laptop backpack

If you are thinking about buying a rolling laptop backpack for college, you should read our review on this backpack – best wheeled computer backpack.

Other Wheeled Laptop Backpacks for College

If you are not a fan of the Samsonite backpack, here are few additional computer rolling backpacks that may interest you.

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