Best College Backpacks: Top Sellers For April 2011

If you’re shopping for college backpacks, you may be wondering what everyone else is buying. While it is still a few months before school starts, you can see what the best selling backpacks are for April 2011. Once you see what everyone else is buying, it may help you decide what you want to get. Also check out our list of 2011’s top selling backpacks.

Best Top Selling College Backpacks – April 2011

1. SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack

buy SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack

The SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack was the top selling college backpack for April 2011.

This laptop college backpack features padded laptop straps that actually adjust to fit in different size laptops. It will fit up to a 17-inch laptop.

The back of the backpack is padded for comfort, as well as the straps. This is good news if you are carrying a lot of books around campus as it can save you some back pain.

You’ll also find multiple compartments and panels. The best price on the SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack can be found at Amazon and eBags. Each offers free shipping. Read more on the SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack.

2. JanSport SuperBreak Backpack

jansport superbreak backpack cheap

The JanSport SuperBreak Backpack is always a popular seller. It has a classic style and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. (see colors)

This student backpack is sturdy and spacious. It’s the best college backpack with lots of space. See our review of this cute JanSport backpack.

While eBags sells this backpack, you will get the best price on the JanSport SuperBreak backpack on Amazon. Read more on the JanSport Classic SuperBreak backpack.

3. The North Face Surge Backpack

buy North Face Surge Backpack

The North Face Surge Backpack is a large laptop backpack for college.

This college backpack is available in 5 different color schemes. It has tons of pockets for keeping all your stuff organized for school. And it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Another great thing about this backpack is that it is also great for using when traveling or hiking.

If you have a laptop, there is a dedicated laptop pocket on the backpack. The retail price of this bag is $115, but it is frequently on-sale at c and Amazon.

4. JanSport Right Pack Originals

buy JanSport Right Pack navy

The Jansport Right Pack Originals is another popular JanSport college backpack.

Like all the other JanSport backpacks, this one comes in a variety of color choices. (see colors) The bottom of this backpack is made out of suede leather, to keep the bag sturdy with all those heavy books.

You get the standard JanSport lifetime warranty with this backpack. It has just one bag main compartment and then a smaller front compartment.

The shoulder straps are padded for comfort. Retail price is $55, which is the price you will see at eBags. You can get it cheaper at Amazon.

More Best Selling Backpacks

View more top selling backpacks at eBags and Amazon. Or see our college backpack reviews.

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